Yesterday (~-.-)/

i am writing this post on 03-04-2010

hey all ,
i will tell you about my blog yesterday
it's so crazy

when i wrote my new post ,
i whould to upload some photos there
but , it's always got error .
i already try more than 3times
it's decided . ><

after that ,
the net is error !
i don't know the computer or the net is error .
several times after it ,
the blogger had show a message to me .
it's told me about this code
i don't understand what code is it .
but , i know it is an error code .

so ,
i can't post my post yesterday ,
yeah ,  it is make me panic .
i asked to my brother how can it happened ,
he told me leave it more times ,
open it tomorrow .
okeey ~ i do that .
luckily , my blog already can be opened .

hey blogger !
i hate ur problem and maintence !
don't do that again .
it is crazy ! @@

Rebecca XD

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