Personal Introduction

What's your name?
My name is Rebecca Clairine Christanto. You can call me Becca.

How old are you?
I'm 18th.

What and where do you study at?
I take Fashion design at Raffles Design Institute Singapore

Where do you live at?
Malang, Indonesia.

What is your hobby?
dressing up , shopping , drawing, dancing, watching film, browsing , hanging out with friends!

What is your personal dream ?
I dream to be a fashion designer.

What is your favorite colour ?
PURPLE and ORANGE ! PURPLE is my favorite. but i love all colours. 

Blog and Style Information

When did you start blogging?
in 2009

What's the meaning of Fashion Waltz ?
Fashion shows my goals in fashion and Waltz describes my best hobbies, dancing, esspecially in classical dancing.

How would you describe your style?
Simple and moody.

What inspires you?
Sometimes i don't have no one to inspires me. I just mix all things which i want to wear on my mind when i'm dressing. But also magazine and blogger style inspire me.

What are your favorite designers?
I love Alexander McQueen, Marc Jacobs , Tex Saverio , and my designer inspiration, Allin D.Clarinta.

What is your favorite stuffs?
I choose a pair of shoes , all kind of shoes.. Stilletto, wedges , flat, and all kind of shoes ! I'm shoes addicted !

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