around Malang with AT MIKROLET . ==a

 I am writing this post on 04-04-2010

I want to tell you about today ,
my unluckily day .

Afternoon after I finished go to the church with my papa and mama ,
They (papa and mama) told me they will go to Blitar to take my Grandma and Grandpa (from my mom) go home .
Yeah , allright ,  it is no problem .
I will go facial lonely .
not alone exactly , I would go with my suster .

I go facial ...
>>I am going facial with Taxi<<
it is not too interesting until facial done .

in this part the problem  begining .
After facial have done , I went to eat RUJAK MANIS near the facial place .
okeey , time to eat was completed .
is time to go home .
I went to go home with AT MIKROLET
It is step start from Tidar (my facial's place) to Arjosari (near my home)

I didn't think that trip from Tidar to Arjosari too long timee
OMG ! X(
I usually go from Tidar to Araya , called it Arjosari as long as 30minutes
but this one , it is about 90minutes !
aarrggg ~
He (the driver) have a long step to go Arjosari , it's like go around Malang .
The way is so farrrrr ~
He also very love to stay in some place
Market , Pom Bensin , or just stay in street border .
bzz ~

long time later ,
The cloud was dark .
Yeah , it is Rain ! ><
NO way !
so , i must played with rain until to home
luckily , there is pedicab in my down place
it can take me to home without wet .
but , my clothes was already wet .
it's annoying ~~''

but ,
it is sound gratify .
haha ~
Can be my new experience with Mikrolet .
wkwk .
I rarely go with mikrolet . I seriously .

xoxo ,
Rebecca XD

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