Colorful Friendship

i still in holidayyy...
and stuck at homeeeee....
LOL ._____.
this already in the middle of my holiday , and i still don't have an idea for traveling somewhere..
stay in my hometown , my lovely hometown..
Malang is getting cold and cold everyday..
good as well , compare with before , when sun shone sooo bright , and it was soooo hot here..
not as hot as Surabaya or Jakarta u think..
you know Malang , small town where u think never be hot, but the fact sometimes it's hot , truely hot for me..
I just made my holiday time with go out with friends, my bestiest friends..
go walk , go to mall , karaoke , swimming , coffee break , playing card (our favorite now is monopoly deal !) , and playing building blocks (read : UNO stacko).
My time feels passing so fast ..
so thankful to my friends! even we are all jobless in holiday.. hahaha!!
promise will show u our picture someday :P

how about your holiday ?
i think all of u already have holiday , right ? or not ?
i know that every school or uni have their own curiculum and holiday time for their student : /
but at least i don't really understand that..

as my promise ,
in this post , i will show u the photograph picture with my dance friends..
this photos took in the same time with in "Coffee Break" post..
enjoy :)

P.S : warning ! lots of image ! :O

we are back !! from left : ce melissa , ce jane , ce tantri , nattasya , me

outfit :
jeans shorts//Gab's
accesories // unbranded
wedges// (forgot)


ce Tantri

ce Melissa

ce Jane

my favorite !!!! L.O.V.E ! :D

all this photos is taken in Istana Dieng Club House , Malang.
comfortable area for swimming , having coffee break , doing sport (It has fitness and jogging track area).
It also has beautiful views and very green place for ur break time.
in this picture, we took in joggingtrack area.
recomended place ! go take this place to your holiday list !
waiting for you in Malang , contact me if you want to go Malang !
i will help you for accompany you go around Malang ! :D

photographer : Adi Suharli (Surabaya)
photo editing :  Adi Suharli (Surabaya) and Rebecca C.C

end of the post!
I start to spend my holiday time with taking course.
how about you holiday ? tell me you story :D
and if you have an idea for me , idea about what will i do in this holiday , just tell me :D
i need your comment i think T^T
i'm sooo bored here .____.

stay updating my blog!
see you in the next post..
will show u holiday outfit :D
see ya!

muachh!!! :*

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red + blue

Mid year !!!
finally ...................................
i've done my exam.. soooooooo goood feeling..
the best thing , i don't have my remid and i'm uber happy 8-)
i'm freeeee, holidayyy is comminggggg...
long holiday i guess ..
i don't take my next grade , and plan to go to spore next semester..
my high school is over now :'(
this thursday (is that thursday on 8 June ? ) i get my report..
not too interesting.. but i'll miss this moment !
i'll miss my class , and everything about school , my high school moment T__T

i think i'll have much time to make a post for next time after this..
it's holiday , and i have no plan for this holiday!
painful !! i want to go somewhere.. like, out from this town is enough..
i do! yesterday, a couple days ago , me and my friends went to Surabaya for just..
yaaaaaa... for go out, and walking around the mall .. just fill the holiday time..
we have sooo much fun time there ! okay , our next destination is Jakarta or Singapore !!
YEAH !! :D

out from the topic, now i'll show you my outfit..
i took this photo long time ago (not that long) , when my bro just arrived in Indo..
but, i forget where i save this photo , so that's why i can't post it ontime x_x
my bad ...

outfit :
wedges//the little thing she needs

i just knew that others school are still in exam..
so i would like to wish u luck!!
enjoy the exam , and u'll pass it!
you can do it!!

wish u the best luck !
end of the post ,
see u in the next post..
i think will make other dance cover in this holiday..
happy holidayyyyyyyyyyyy all !!! :D
tell me about ur holiday story..
sad i can't go anywhere T^T

we will meet you in the next post!
stay update ! :D


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