Made by Rebecca [me] ! :D

I am writing this post on 22-04-2010

outch ,,
I found my craft yesterday ,,
They are 4 ,,
Here they are ,, :D

my 1st flanel cake ,,
not bad lah . :D
X) ,, but i don't make again after it ,,
 maybe i will make again in the next time ..

there is my dog flanel,,
a doll..
I made it for school homework . :]

and ,,
there is my camel flanel ..
a doll too .
look cute ,, my opinion ,, XD
I made it in the art lesson at shcool ..

do you know swie kiaw ?
it is a food ,,
eemmm ~ yummy. .
but , you can't eat this one..
i made it from flanel. 

with ribbon . :]

I hope i have more time for making a lot of craft ,,
all of them are cute ! XD
look her blog ! :)

that's all .
leave a comment please. :p
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arigatoo . :]

Rebecca XD

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  1. cute felt dolls. I like crafting too :)

    do u wanna exchange link?




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