Story in Singapore (8 Months)

HELLLOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Longgg timeeeee no see everyoneeee !
Long time no posting and checking my blog alsooooo..
Really , I miss my blog :(
since I was in Singapore, I never ever even checked my blog..
Oh my God .. So sorry :((
I'm too busy about all the school time table..
all the assignment and all stuff , homework , project , and also all activity..
seriously .. if I can , I want some holiday and free time in Singapore..
Taking Fashion Design just very very busy and BIG NO NO FOR FREE TIME..
Everyday I have homework and project to finished..
Drafting , big paper and 3 cool ruler be my best best friends..
Drapping , my lovely bunny mannequin and muslin be my boyfriend..
Sewing , Goshhhhh... Fabric , scissors , sewing machine , overloking machine , just kill me !!
Drawing and sketching , pencil and paper <3 nbsp="" p="">But nevermind , I enjoy my life here ..
Making clothes , designing clothes , all i did it because I love it.. :)

Behind I do all my school schedule , I still have free time to dance..
Ohhhhh, how I miss dance right now..
Not only the dance part , I miss stage , really :(
All the costume , all the crazy time in backstage , the music beat in stage..
I hope I can do that in Singapore ...  Of courseeeee , if I have time.. lol
Looks like I'm very busy ya ?? Real for real , Trust me , I'm not lying , I have no free time..
I tell a secret.. even it's holiday (I mean a short holiday , some public holiday or one or two days no class ? I have class everyday as u know) or weekend, I stay at home.. U know ? I'm doing my homework! Pity world meh ?

At least more less , I already made some clothes , I proud of myself..
I already made about maybe 8 or 9 skirt ? also about 6 blouse , and 4 jacket..
pretty much right ???? and now I'm going to make bustier and evening gown..
This is the most interesting clothes I've made !! I'm so excited !! <3 p="">Actually , I already finished the bustier.. Just the evening gown , It's almost done , alllmostttttttt..
Next next week is the submission , I'm so afraid I can't finished it on time..
But really , I'm working hard for this.. I believe I can finished it..
Just wish me the best for the evening gown guysssss..

Actually I have holiday every 3 months (I mean 1 term) ..
But yaahhhh , It's just 1 week holiday you know..
I come back to Indonesia , my lovely town Malang, and then what I'm doing isssss...
Culinerrrrr, u know what i miss the most from indonesia is the food..
Really , besides I miss my family and my friends tooooo..
I can't do much activity in my holiday , I can't ..
I hope I have more holiday , but it's nihil.. My school , called it , never give a long holiday..
But yaaa , but it's okay .. But yaaa , I'm so sorry , I can't post anything on my blog :( , really my bad..
But trust me , I never forget this blog..
Maybe some of u guys already unfollowed me (or ya in blog we can called it subcribed or join or whatever it is) , really I'm so sorry I leave from the blog world for a long time (I think almost 1 year right ? )

For now on , I can't promise u guys for stay update every week or every month ..
but I will update it as often as I can..
I have sooooo many story to tell you guysssss...
Or ya ! Beside I'm not that update on blog ..
I still update on facebook , twitter , instagram , and youtube alsooo..
U guys can follow me or add me ..
I can ensure I update almost everyday..
So if you want to know my activity behind the blogg...
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FYI , I share some my dance cover in youtube..
I plan to share some tutorial for make up and fashion.. I still planning , I still don't start it ..
but I will start it very soon beside I plan to active again in blog..
sooo , checked out and don't forget to subcribe guyss :)

For real , This will be a longggggg longgggggggg post if I tell you all my story in Singapore..
Trust me , I have soooo manyyyyyy story I want to tell youu..
But .. yaaa , it will the so long post..
and I know you guys will get bored for read my post..
because no picture , no design , no everything..
just a simple and flat font and text..
But don't worry ,
psssttttt , I will tell you more because remember I told you I will active on blog again ?
I will tell you everythinggg single thing I did in Singapore ..
All the outfit , School project , Clothes I made , fashion and make up Tutorial , and of course !
My Story lifee !!!! :D
You guys excited rightt ???  (just tell me excited or I will kill you ! *joke* )

Alright guys , finished for today..
Rebecca Story Life will be continued... :)
See you in the next post..
I have so much fun and precious time here..
Hope you guys have also..
Have a beautiful great day and wish you guys all the best ..

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With soo muchhh love ,