tell me if u know ,, >.< .. thx before ,, :]

I am writing this post on 27-04-2010

heyhey ,,
anybody knows what named of this ballet dance ?

i really love their costume,,
especially the woman ones ..
anybody knows the named of this ballet dance ?

oyeah !
i found some picture more ..
here is the most i liked

i feel same like the little girl in the picture ,,
just a girl who wants to be a great ballerina ..
feel nervous when will show the dance .
but ,, really happy looks the prima ballerina dance in the stage from backstage .
ooutch !
really love this pict !
there I am ! hahaha ~

I found it from dancing for live [facebook]
get more picture ! :D
let's go ! X)


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  1. Hey Rebecca!!!
    I hope you are better today!!
    Yeah, spring cold is something like when you are sick at spring!!!
    Also, I add you on facebook!!

    (I love these photos!)
    Write back soon!!

    Kisses, Mariza!!

  2. hello!!!
    I just saw your comment at facebook!!
    Your photos are amazing!

    I don't know actually the name of this kind of ballet... :/
    It maybe don't even have a name!!

    Stay standby for my next post!!
    Write back soon!!

    Hugs & Kisses, Mariza!!

  3. i have no idea what this kind of ballet called.
    but i looove the second picturee (:
    it's really cute

    aku tinggal di michigan, US.
    enak bangeet yang bisa dance... I'm like a robot.. stiff banget ga sukaa -_-'

  4. Nice to see U Rebbeca ..
    I Like your blog ..
    It's beautiful ..
    I've followed your blog ..
    If you don't mind ..
    Please visit and follow back my blog ..

  5. hi rebecca ^_~

    nice blog!!!!

    i love ballet too :)


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