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Fashion Waltz

"Beauty is Art ,  Fashion is Beauty . Energy is Forceful , Dance is Energitic" - Fashion Waltz (Rebecca C.C)

Fashion Waltz tells about fashion and dance.. Why Fashion Waltz ? Fashion shows the writer's goal in fashion and Waltz describes the writer's hobby in dance, especially classical. Fashion Waltz is an original blog created by Rebecca Clairine. Born in 2009 , when she was 14 years old. The blog shared all about her lifestyle , what she wore , her dance and her day story. The best escape from her pile of assignment and her busy day. Fashion Waltz is one of her way to show her diary and creation.

 Girl behind Fashion Waltz

"God fell down an odd, drool over the fashion , addicted on dance , limited , and special . He MADE me :)" - Rebecca C.C

Rebecca Clairine Christanto. Born on March 29th 1995. 18 years old , Fashion Design Student , Raffles Design Institute Singapore. From Indonesia. A thiny chinese girl with short hair. A noisy girl , talkactive, cheerful , also a little shy girl. Live with her family , mother, father ,and one bigbrother. The only daughter in her family.

Becca, people always called , has a big goal in fashion design-ing. Her hobbies are dressing up , shopping , drawing, dancing, watching film, also make her time with browsing. Hanging out with friends always make her smile.

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