See yaa Indonesia !

Well , hi people !
It's been long time no see you ..
long holiday is over , and i start my school day now!
I don't know , what must I feel .. happy ? or sad ?
much happy i guess :P
because my jobless time is over and I have many things to do now..
I'm not stuck at home anymore...

I've got some news for you !
I'm not a high school girl anymore!!
Good bye high school timeeeeeee .... Welcome new lifeeee :D
Just let u know .. Now, I take my study in Singapore , so I'm leaving Indonesia now !
I'm Singaporean :P
This is not bad , just arrived at Singapore 2 days ago (1st Oct) and I have 5 friends !
wohoooooo!!! so so excited!!
I take Fashion Design for my Advance Diploma here .. I choose Raffles Design Institute for my education.
Good place ! So , you guys one of Singaporean , anyone ? Let me know you and let's meet and be friends !

This is my last photoshoot and videoshoot in my bro's room yesterday..
Making dance cover , and this time I chose SISTAR - LOVING U ..
cute coreography and I love dance with hips :P
show u the outfit and the video !
pleaseeeeeee subcribes my YOUTUBE account and LIKE my video !

SISTAR - LOVING U [dance cover by : REBECCA]

Hi again world !
my 2nd dance cover made yesterday was good enough ..
funny fact , that I made 3 mistakes in choreo , find out and guess :P
I never made the mistakes when i was in practice , so so unpredictable mistakes ! LOL !
sorry for the mistakes :P , so lazy to replay-ing the choreo , xD
I learned this choreo just for 2 days ! not too simple , but cheerful enough !
Promised you , will make other dance cover better ..
once again , sorry for the unpredictable mistakes xP

Pleaseeeeeeee subcribes !
See you in the next cover !
have a nice day !

P.S : I made the t-shirt by myself ! I do DIY for my friend's old t-shirt .. good enough ! see my t-shirt tutorial soon on youtube and blogger. Stay Update yaaa ! :P

So, As I said on youtube , I made the t-shirt by myself ..
My friend want me to fixing her old t-shirt , because she said that too big to her..
this is it ! Her old t-shirt now being the new hippie ones !
My first experiment with t-shirt , but good enough xD
I will make the t-shirt tutorial , and will show u soon..
U can see it soon on youtube and blogger..
stay waiting yaa :P

FOR [+ +] !

please kindly support me in Arva Design competition (FIC 2012) by like my design HERE ! LOT OF THANKS ! Have a nice day!! :)

I will start my school this Friday , and pleaseee wish me luck !
So so nervous here :S :S :S
because I feel my english isn't good enough , then the school is full of english languanges ..
Pray for me ! *.*

Stay updating my blog!
see you in the next post!
lovingg youuuuuu :*

P.S : next post will be the t-shirt tutorial .... to be continued ....


smooch !

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Colorful Friendship

i still in holidayyy...
and stuck at homeeeee....
LOL ._____.
this already in the middle of my holiday , and i still don't have an idea for traveling somewhere..
stay in my hometown , my lovely hometown..
Malang is getting cold and cold everyday..
good as well , compare with before , when sun shone sooo bright , and it was soooo hot here..
not as hot as Surabaya or Jakarta u think..
you know Malang , small town where u think never be hot, but the fact sometimes it's hot , truely hot for me..
I just made my holiday time with go out with friends, my bestiest friends..
go walk , go to mall , karaoke , swimming , coffee break , playing card (our favorite now is monopoly deal !) , and playing building blocks (read : UNO stacko).
My time feels passing so fast ..
so thankful to my friends! even we are all jobless in holiday.. hahaha!!
promise will show u our picture someday :P

how about your holiday ?
i think all of u already have holiday , right ? or not ?
i know that every school or uni have their own curiculum and holiday time for their student : /
but at least i don't really understand that..

as my promise ,
in this post , i will show u the photograph picture with my dance friends..
this photos took in the same time with in "Coffee Break" post..
enjoy :)

P.S : warning ! lots of image ! :O

we are back !! from left : ce melissa , ce jane , ce tantri , nattasya , me

outfit :
jeans shorts//Gab's
accesories // unbranded
wedges// (forgot)


ce Tantri

ce Melissa

ce Jane

my favorite !!!! L.O.V.E ! :D

all this photos is taken in Istana Dieng Club House , Malang.
comfortable area for swimming , having coffee break , doing sport (It has fitness and jogging track area).
It also has beautiful views and very green place for ur break time.
in this picture, we took in joggingtrack area.
recomended place ! go take this place to your holiday list !
waiting for you in Malang , contact me if you want to go Malang !
i will help you for accompany you go around Malang ! :D

photographer : Adi Suharli (Surabaya)
photo editing :  Adi Suharli (Surabaya) and Rebecca C.C

end of the post!
I start to spend my holiday time with taking course.
how about you holiday ? tell me you story :D
and if you have an idea for me , idea about what will i do in this holiday , just tell me :D
i need your comment i think T^T
i'm sooo bored here .____.

stay updating my blog!
see you in the next post..
will show u holiday outfit :D
see ya!

muachh!!! :*

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red + blue

Mid year !!!
finally ...................................
i've done my exam.. soooooooo goood feeling..
the best thing , i don't have my remid and i'm uber happy 8-)
i'm freeeee, holidayyy is comminggggg...
long holiday i guess ..
i don't take my next grade , and plan to go to spore next semester..
my high school is over now :'(
this thursday (is that thursday on 8 June ? ) i get my report..
not too interesting.. but i'll miss this moment !
i'll miss my class , and everything about school , my high school moment T__T

i think i'll have much time to make a post for next time after this..
it's holiday , and i have no plan for this holiday!
painful !! i want to go somewhere.. like, out from this town is enough..
i do! yesterday, a couple days ago , me and my friends went to Surabaya for just..
yaaaaaa... for go out, and walking around the mall .. just fill the holiday time..
we have sooo much fun time there ! okay , our next destination is Jakarta or Singapore !!
YEAH !! :D

out from the topic, now i'll show you my outfit..
i took this photo long time ago (not that long) , when my bro just arrived in Indo..
but, i forget where i save this photo , so that's why i can't post it ontime x_x
my bad ...

outfit :
wedges//the little thing she needs

i just knew that others school are still in exam..
so i would like to wish u luck!!
enjoy the exam , and u'll pass it!
you can do it!!

wish u the best luck !
end of the post ,
see u in the next post..
i think will make other dance cover in this holiday..
happy holidayyyyyyyyyyyy all !!! :D
tell me about ur holiday story..
sad i can't go anywhere T^T

we will meet you in the next post!
stay update ! :D


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Coffee Break

Afternoon world..
It's sunday and i still stuck with another boring time..
relationship with book in 1 week just sooooooooo something..
just saying, 1 week exam and it's science makes me feel like crazy ..
physics, math,biology,chemistry .. kill me -_________-
okay , my fault chose science..
math doesn't matter , but biology truely kill me..
another hand, the lecture just... GEEZ , overtalking ..
ggggrrrr... *gonna punch her face* lol.. just kidding..

quick post,
will show u a photoshoot with my dance friend..
old photos, took it on March i think.. oh erm..
NO.. April i guess.. hahahhaha..
enjoy :)

photographer : Adi Suharli (Surabaya)

from left to right : Me , Ce Melissa , Natassya , Ce Jane , Ce Tantri

outfit : 
hat//random store//
jeans short//Gab's

i don't know why i just get 2 , 3 , 4 ..
4 photos from the photographer..
even me and my friend took a lot of photos in this place..
hope the photographer will give another photos.. :x
i got just 1 my personal photoshoot T_____T
in fact i took a lot of photos there .. sad sad sad sad T__________T

loveeee this shoot !  (ce tantri )

The cafe (Nattassya)

almost forget to tell you !
i took this photos in NESCAFE Cafe & Resto in Istana Dieng, Malang.
this is the greatest and most comfortable place for spend your break time..
Istana Dieng also have sport center , includdd swimming pool , fitness center , bowling area , jogging area , etc..
i must tell yaa , u get free to taking photos here , (jogging area and garden) , and the view just aweeeeesomeee....
another hand, if u want to go swimming or doing gym or just playing bowling , the price just soo cheap!
truely , this place is recomended !
so , go stop Istana Dieng if u go to Malang :D

by the way ,
i just tried to upload a video in youtube,
and i think this is my internet fault , the video looks soo bad..
geez .. will take u a look..
my first dance cover .. u know TWINKLE song ?( Taeyon , Tiffany , and Seohyun from Girls Generation)
i 've done cover their dance ..
give a comment for my first dance cover ..
i need your comment , i love to make another dance cover after this .. :D

and if you know how to upload a good quality video in youtube , please tell me !
i need ur advice >.< i'm bad in technology :x 
hahahaha.. lol ..
thanks anyway !

tomorrow is my exam , pleaseee pray for me..
i start exam since about 1 week ago , and couple days later i will free from exam..
soooooo, wish me luck in my exam , my final exam ..
pray pray pray .. >o<

end of the post ,
see you in the next post,
will show u another photoshoot !

don't forget to pray for me ,
wish me luck !! pray pray pray ! :O
i'm so nervous , i never feel as nervous as now..
:S , full worried :S


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I'm 17th !

Good morning world !
May already !
time goes so fast !
feel like we just have firework party for celebrating new year 2012
and now we already in almost mid year :O

greeting ! how re you ?
hope u fine like me !
I just totally fine and happy ..
so why ? i dont know, just feel good now :P
good mood to posting a post for today..
my blog looks call me to meet "her" (I called my blog as my friend :P)
fill her with my write and mind..
she miss me :P

as my promise ,
today , in this post..
i will tell you about my 17th bday party..
it celebrated in last March..
not a big party , just a dinner party , but fun enough ..
and i satisfied and happy , uber happy!

first , introducing the bday things ! :D

The Birthday Cake

cutest birthday cake! love the design , i chose it by myself. Cupcake stacks style with main cake in the top. Love the colour mixing , purple and white , my favourite colour <3 . Myself doll in the main cake just very cute and boys and girls face in cupcake also cute <3. I took my friends name in that cupcakes ! I'm seventeen ! <3

The Invitation

I love purple ! I design this card by myself :D My birthday is on March 29th , but i celebrated on 31st. I chose NEON for dresscode , because i loveeee bright colour , and i'm happy my friend not confused to looking for dress for come to my bday party !

The Malibu

I chose this place for celebrating my special bday. This place has soooo gooood yummy food. Their special menu are steak and pizza. But i prefer steak than pizza. The place also beautiful and comfortable for celebrate a party. This place include 2 section , indoor and outdoor. You can choose the place by yourself. I choose outdoor because i think the view and place is more beautiful. And i love outdoor party <3. This restaurant provide menu package for party. The price is appropriate with our budget. There is menu that expensive , low price , and beetween them. The food and drink followed by the price. All food is yummy! <3

Perfect ! all bday things are complete , now show you the photos event !

My top shot ! lol .. i love this picture <3

with my family <3

with my bigbro , lol.. he looks sooo funny here ! XD

our funny face ! i love this pic ! <3
for u bro , u looks like mr.bean, lol.

My ROTFL expression, lol .. hahahaha XD

with my besties <3

I love present and gift ! thank you for all u guys who give me this present :)

Birthday cake from bestiest. cutest ever ! love the duck! mumumumuuuuuuuuuu >.<
so thank you girlss :*

Bday gift and all the card bday from friends :)

hell , they called my alay Queen ! --a

Bday present from mom , dad , bro , bf , and bestiest :)

My favourite doll , Bemok! Bebek Semok from my besties .. hahahaha .. i adore .. she is uber cute with her underwear , lol..

all is finished !
anw , for the plus plus information..
i design my dress by myself , please tell me what u think!
i need ur suggestion ! thank you !
sorry for bunch picture >.<

will show u next daily outfit in the next post ,
stay update girls !

i just arrived in my second last minute for my 11 grade..
Exam already waiting..
stay wish me luck on school , special pray for my school exam and EILTS exam..
please wish me luck :O

see you in the next post !
stay update and HAVE A NICE DAY !
see ya :D

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