Coffee Break

Afternoon world..
It's sunday and i still stuck with another boring time..
relationship with book in 1 week just sooooooooo something..
just saying, 1 week exam and it's science makes me feel like crazy ..
physics, math,biology,chemistry .. kill me -_________-
okay , my fault chose science..
math doesn't matter , but biology truely kill me..
another hand, the lecture just... GEEZ , overtalking ..
ggggrrrr... *gonna punch her face* lol.. just kidding..

quick post,
will show u a photoshoot with my dance friend..
old photos, took it on March i think.. oh erm..
NO.. April i guess.. hahahhaha..
enjoy :)

photographer : Adi Suharli (Surabaya)

from left to right : Me , Ce Melissa , Natassya , Ce Jane , Ce Tantri

outfit : 
hat//random store//
jeans short//Gab's

i don't know why i just get 2 , 3 , 4 ..
4 photos from the photographer..
even me and my friend took a lot of photos in this place..
hope the photographer will give another photos.. :x
i got just 1 my personal photoshoot T_____T
in fact i took a lot of photos there .. sad sad sad sad T__________T

loveeee this shoot !  (ce tantri )

The cafe (Nattassya)

almost forget to tell you !
i took this photos in NESCAFE Cafe & Resto in Istana Dieng, Malang.
this is the greatest and most comfortable place for spend your break time..
Istana Dieng also have sport center , includdd swimming pool , fitness center , bowling area , jogging area , etc..
i must tell yaa , u get free to taking photos here , (jogging area and garden) , and the view just aweeeeesomeee....
another hand, if u want to go swimming or doing gym or just playing bowling , the price just soo cheap!
truely , this place is recomended !
so , go stop Istana Dieng if u go to Malang :D

by the way ,
i just tried to upload a video in youtube,
and i think this is my internet fault , the video looks soo bad..
geez .. will take u a look..
my first dance cover .. u know TWINKLE song ?( Taeyon , Tiffany , and Seohyun from Girls Generation)
i 've done cover their dance ..
give a comment for my first dance cover ..
i need your comment , i love to make another dance cover after this .. :D

and if you know how to upload a good quality video in youtube , please tell me !
i need ur advice >.< i'm bad in technology :x 
hahahaha.. lol ..
thanks anyway !

tomorrow is my exam , pleaseee pray for me..
i start exam since about 1 week ago , and couple days later i will free from exam..
soooooo, wish me luck in my exam , my final exam ..
pray pray pray .. >o<

end of the post ,
see you in the next post,
will show u another photoshoot !

don't forget to pray for me ,
wish me luck !! pray pray pray ! :O
i'm so nervous , i never feel as nervous as now..
:S , full worried :S


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I'm 17th !

Good morning world !
May already !
time goes so fast !
feel like we just have firework party for celebrating new year 2012
and now we already in almost mid year :O

greeting ! how re you ?
hope u fine like me !
I just totally fine and happy ..
so why ? i dont know, just feel good now :P
good mood to posting a post for today..
my blog looks call me to meet "her" (I called my blog as my friend :P)
fill her with my write and mind..
she miss me :P

as my promise ,
today , in this post..
i will tell you about my 17th bday party..
it celebrated in last March..
not a big party , just a dinner party , but fun enough ..
and i satisfied and happy , uber happy!

first , introducing the bday things ! :D

The Birthday Cake

cutest birthday cake! love the design , i chose it by myself. Cupcake stacks style with main cake in the top. Love the colour mixing , purple and white , my favourite colour <3 . Myself doll in the main cake just very cute and boys and girls face in cupcake also cute <3. I took my friends name in that cupcakes ! I'm seventeen ! <3

The Invitation

I love purple ! I design this card by myself :D My birthday is on March 29th , but i celebrated on 31st. I chose NEON for dresscode , because i loveeee bright colour , and i'm happy my friend not confused to looking for dress for come to my bday party !

The Malibu

I chose this place for celebrating my special bday. This place has soooo gooood yummy food. Their special menu are steak and pizza. But i prefer steak than pizza. The place also beautiful and comfortable for celebrate a party. This place include 2 section , indoor and outdoor. You can choose the place by yourself. I choose outdoor because i think the view and place is more beautiful. And i love outdoor party <3. This restaurant provide menu package for party. The price is appropriate with our budget. There is menu that expensive , low price , and beetween them. The food and drink followed by the price. All food is yummy! <3

Perfect ! all bday things are complete , now show you the photos event !

My top shot ! lol .. i love this picture <3

with my family <3

with my bigbro , lol.. he looks sooo funny here ! XD

our funny face ! i love this pic ! <3
for u bro , u looks like mr.bean, lol.

My ROTFL expression, lol .. hahahaha XD

with my besties <3

I love present and gift ! thank you for all u guys who give me this present :)

Birthday cake from bestiest. cutest ever ! love the duck! mumumumuuuuuuuuuu >.<
so thank you girlss :*

Bday gift and all the card bday from friends :)

hell , they called my alay Queen ! --a

Bday present from mom , dad , bro , bf , and bestiest :)

My favourite doll , Bemok! Bebek Semok from my besties .. hahahaha .. i adore .. she is uber cute with her underwear , lol..

all is finished !
anw , for the plus plus information..
i design my dress by myself , please tell me what u think!
i need ur suggestion ! thank you !
sorry for bunch picture >.<

will show u next daily outfit in the next post ,
stay update girls !

i just arrived in my second last minute for my 11 grade..
Exam already waiting..
stay wish me luck on school , special pray for my school exam and EILTS exam..
please wish me luck :O

see you in the next post !
stay update and HAVE A NICE DAY !
see ya :D

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