I'm 17th !

Good morning world !
May already !
time goes so fast !
feel like we just have firework party for celebrating new year 2012
and now we already in almost mid year :O

greeting ! how re you ?
hope u fine like me !
I just totally fine and happy ..
so why ? i dont know, just feel good now :P
good mood to posting a post for today..
my blog looks call me to meet "her" (I called my blog as my friend :P)
fill her with my write and mind..
she miss me :P

as my promise ,
today , in this post..
i will tell you about my 17th bday party..
it celebrated in last March..
not a big party , just a dinner party , but fun enough ..
and i satisfied and happy , uber happy!

first , introducing the bday things ! :D

The Birthday Cake

cutest birthday cake! love the design , i chose it by myself. Cupcake stacks style with main cake in the top. Love the colour mixing , purple and white , my favourite colour <3 . Myself doll in the main cake just very cute and boys and girls face in cupcake also cute <3. I took my friends name in that cupcakes ! I'm seventeen ! <3

The Invitation

I love purple ! I design this card by myself :D My birthday is on March 29th , but i celebrated on 31st. I chose NEON for dresscode , because i loveeee bright colour , and i'm happy my friend not confused to looking for dress for come to my bday party !

The Malibu

I chose this place for celebrating my special bday. This place has soooo gooood yummy food. Their special menu are steak and pizza. But i prefer steak than pizza. The place also beautiful and comfortable for celebrate a party. This place include 2 section , indoor and outdoor. You can choose the place by yourself. I choose outdoor because i think the view and place is more beautiful. And i love outdoor party <3. This restaurant provide menu package for party. The price is appropriate with our budget. There is menu that expensive , low price , and beetween them. The food and drink followed by the price. All food is yummy! <3

Perfect ! all bday things are complete , now show you the photos event !

My top shot ! lol .. i love this picture <3

with my family <3

with my bigbro , lol.. he looks sooo funny here ! XD

our funny face ! i love this pic ! <3
for u bro , u looks like mr.bean, lol.

My ROTFL expression, lol .. hahahaha XD

with my besties <3

I love present and gift ! thank you for all u guys who give me this present :)

Birthday cake from bestiest. cutest ever ! love the duck! mumumumuuuuuuuuuu >.<
so thank you girlss :*

Bday gift and all the card bday from friends :)

hell , they called my alay Queen ! --a

Bday present from mom , dad , bro , bf , and bestiest :)

My favourite doll , Bemok! Bebek Semok from my besties .. hahahaha .. i adore .. she is uber cute with her underwear , lol..

all is finished !
anw , for the plus plus information..
i design my dress by myself , please tell me what u think!
i need ur suggestion ! thank you !
sorry for bunch picture >.<

will show u next daily outfit in the next post ,
stay update girls !

i just arrived in my second last minute for my 11 grade..
Exam already waiting..
stay wish me luck on school , special pray for my school exam and EILTS exam..
please wish me luck :O

see you in the next post !
stay update and HAVE A NICE DAY !
see ya :D

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  1. Happy belated birthday ! Your cake was so gorgeous and you looked like a star, so beautiful in your purple dress =)
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  2. HBD dear! Seems fun there :) Yes, I'm from Malang, nice to know you ^^ Mind to follow each other?

  3. Happy birthday!!! beautiful post and nice blog!!!
    Thank you so much for your comment!!!
    Maybe we can follow each other? I love making new friends!
    Have a nice Sunday!
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  4. happy birthday :)
    i think it must be a great birthday
    maybe we can fllw each other if u like?/

  5. Happy belated birthday! What fun pictures and I'm in love with your dress!!!

  6. Cute shots =) Happy sweet seventeenth! Love your dress! X

  7. Thanks so much for stopping by sweetie, I am your newest follower!~:)

  8. Happy belated birthday my dear.

    Just found your blog!
    super love it ♥ followed your blog,
    mind to follow back my blog?thanks

  9. happy birthday to you!
    you did a greg job with the dress
    I love the pretty purple color :)

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  10. happy fabulous 17th birthday! the cake is so lovely! :0

  11. Happy bday dear Rebecca! you're lovely! I'm Lucy from Italy and I'm your new follower. I'll be really happy if you follow me back on Google Friends and Bloglovin'. Kisses, Lucy

  12. OMG your cupcakes bday cakes looks soo cute :)

  13. the cake is amazing!Would you like to follow each other?
    Keep in touch,

  14. Happy birthday!!!Amazing Pics!!!


  15. Hey dear, happy birthday even late :))
    Ur dress looks so pretty <3<3 and I love your cupcake too, looks yummy :9
    Would you following me back? I'm following yours now :))


  16. Happy birthday Rebecca... wish you all the best.. hmmm your dress its lovely... i love the ruffle.. i love your bemok.. cause i love bebek.. hahaha. btw, thx for visiting my blog.. and your lovely comment.. ^_^

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  18. Habby Pirthdays :))
    u'r so ahwsome :)
    mind to followe back my blog? i've followed yours!

  19. You looked like a movie star on your birthday, girl!! That dress is amazing~

  20. Happy sweet 17 dear! :D

  21. Thankyou for youe sweet comment, rebecca!:)

    You look so pretty, and your birthday cake is gorgeous!:)
    Happy turning seventeen!XOXO

    Shubhi's Revels!

  22. you look like a princess! Happy B-day!

  23. Nice dress!!! Happy birthday....

  24. you looked so cute! love your cake and dress and everything!


  25. Happy Birthday!! My birthday is in March as well:) And only if my 17th was half as nice that'll be awesome xoxo
    would you like to follow each other?

  26. happy late birthday!! my bday was also recent!! i agree time does fly by!

  27. happy birthdayy rebecca! you look great! :D

  28. Great look, happy birthday dear! Lovely blog you have! Thank you for your comment on my blog! Would really like us to be followers on gfc and bloglovin! Let me know when you follow me on bloglovin, I always follow back!


  29. you look pretty! lovely dress and restaurant!


  30. Happy birthday! Looks like you had an amazing celebration.

  31. Happy belated b'day to you! The party seems so much fun! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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    And don't forget to enter the Giveaway!
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  32. happy belated bday, dear!
    & thts the cutest cake ive ever seen! <3 maauuuu dong
    you look amazing anyway ;) love the dress!


  33. Yummy birtday cupcakes!
    Your dress is great, lovely colour.
    Happy Birtday to you ;)

  34. Happy belated bday! Your celebration looked so lovely! That's such a perfect birthday dress that you wore and your cake/cupcakes are so cute! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  35. haha love how your dress matches the invitations and cake! the cake and cupcakes look sooo cute and pretty <3 happy belated birthday! :D

  36. Happy belated BDay !! Great pics. Thanx for your lovely comment...Wanna follow each other ??


  37. Happy belated birthday, dear.
    Wow cute cakes anyway.
    I'm following yours. Would you mind to follow me back?:D


  38. Happy belated sweet seventeen! Yeayyy!

    We hope you liked the cake very much like we did.

    Please like us on facebook ( if you don't mind.

    Ratna Cake & Bakery


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