. 3 days story .

I am writing this post on 17-05-2010

long time no see ,,
i feel so lazy this week ,,
i don't know why .
that's why i can't post a new post for a few days.
ooh ~
no idea for posting something on my blog .

i will tell u my day for 3 days ,,

:: DAY 1 [saturday 15May] ::

  (: me - ci melisa :)
had dance job from GRACIA PARTY ORGANIZER at dragon phonix restaurant for engagement party . I had 4 dances . For this ones [in the pict] is the couple dance for opening the party (girls from GRACIA and boys from ROCKET CREW). I really love this costume , it's looks like kitri custume , u know kitri ? there is a ballerina character from Don Quixote ballet story. i'm a big fan of that story dance, that's cool ! if other ballet story are tell about feminim character , but the Don Quixote different. I love it ! here the wonderful video kitri variation, check it ! :D
have a similar custome , right ? hehe . :p . 

:: DAY 2 [ sunday 16May ] ::

had dance jobs from SUSAN BALLET STUDIO at Sasana Krida Place for wedding party. I had 1 dance , ballet dance .  I didn't take a photos for that . but , see this one .

I toke my hair photos ! My mom very love the hairdo . haha ~  but ,I feel old wear this hairdo , i don't like it . what do you think ?

:: DAY 3 [Monday 17May] ::

I went to go walk with my friends [inez and ipit] today . We went to Matos .
 I wear :
*Betty BOB T-shirt (ZARA)
*jeans pants (GAB'S) 
*silver bracelet 
*jeans bag (ESPRIT)
*i didn't go with that slipper.

We watched 2 movies today , here ! check it ,,

 an Indonesian's horror movies . click here for read more the stories . I'm sorry can't give the english translate.

an Indonesian's comedi movies . click here   for read more the stories . I'm sorry can't give the english translate.


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8 komentar:

  1. i love love love the hairdo on day two. it's not old it's just looks good. you look so pretty :) and u r super skinny yet gorgeous :)
    do visit my blog and follow me


  2. You are so beautiful! =)
    =0 i'm 15 too, but i'm not indonesian!

    you have a fantastic blog! :]


  3. I love your hairdo, it doesn't makes you look old, it makes you look more elegant :) I've followed you, could you follow me back?

  4. you look so pretty and different in the dance costume
    what is your dance genre?

  5. wow.u dancer? hehe.
    and hairdo so nice la.but unfortunately my hair cant do like that's.hehe:D


  6. nothing dear.:)

  7. I'm sorry, but it hasn't been followed :)

  8. Wow! It seems like you have a
    very nice time. I really like dancing so much.
    Your hair is also very beautiful!
    Like this post. :D

    Sophie xx


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