13hours for sleep . (-.-||)

I am writing this post on 27-05-2010

hei guys ,
i feel so good today ,
do you know ?
i slept 13hours today ,
hhm ......
yesterday i slept at 21.30 o'clock , and today i woke up at 10.00 .
it should just 9hours for sleep , but in this holiday i feel so lazy .
i'm not believe it too , how i can sleep 13hours ?
i'm okay , not on sick , hhm ... i still confused till now .
what i fainted ? nononono ~ it's imposible .
am i too tired ? maybe ,, i too much play in this holiday .
ahahaha ~
not a big deal i think , it doesn't make me feel worse , but make me feel better .
i feel more and more healthy ! :D . hoho . =3
maybe i must proud with my record today , how cool i'm ? there rare people can sleep with a long time .
13hours ! half a day more , beibh !
awesome ! :p

hehe ...
and the next ,
i just want to show u about my outfit today ,,

I wore :

*little hat hairpin (STROBERI)
*bali dress
*black belt (forgot)
*skinny jeans (GAB'S)
*white badges (STROBERI)
*flower wedges (forgot)

and the last ,
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Rebecca XD

14 komentar:

  1. thats really great , i want 13 hours sleep
    you are so lucky

  2. hey!!! I really am following you!! check again!!!!

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog

    PLEASE follow me back???

  3. Hey Bec!!!
    You look great with this outfit..!!
    I hope I had 13 hours t sleep too..!!!
    Hugs & Kisses!!!

  4. Omg! I'm so jalous of your 13-hours sleeping! I wish I could also sleep till 10 o'clock, but school doesn't let me do it :(. I'm back from school and I have a terrible day and I feel so tired. And now I'm just back from musiclesson and now I have to study also German for a big test tomorrow. Today I've had a test of Chemie and Biology. Those of chemie was so bad! Me and Ruth (, a girl who's in the same class like me, are really looking forward to the holidays!
    I've read in your post you have holiday, why?
    I need holidays!
    Sweet grtz,
    sophie xx

  5. I love this blog !!
    Its so cutee!!
    You seem so cute and nice !

    alice h
    Im following you... care to follow me back ?

  6. Awesome top!

  7. hey rebecca :)
    thx for the comment :)
    and thanks for the wish :)
    just visit ya
    mind if you follow me back :)

  8. Lol I'm such a lazy ass too I can sleep more than 12 hours when I'm super tired. And I love your dress and bag! They're lovely!

  9. Hey Bec!!
    Thanks for your comment!! =)
    Sleeping 13 hours is really healthy but unfotunately I don't have the time..!
    My schedule says only study study study...!!
    This is gonna past..!! :)

    Hugs & Kisses!!

  10. thanks for your comment :)
    haha i can't sleep more than 12 hours :(
    btw lovely sandals

    XD nathalie

  11. i love to wear bali dresses it feels super comfy right? loved it!

  12. Even without sleeping, you look amazing!

  13. Hi,

    thank you for your comment on my blog! I really appreciate that. :D
    Ooh, yes, sure, we do have holidays. But they just start in a few weeks. Oh,now, you're having holidays, that's awesome! I didn't know...
    How were your final exams?
    Thank you, I passed the test very well. And now, by us, its week-end! I'm so happy!

    Bye bye,
    Sophie xx


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