Story in Singapore (8 Months)

HELLLOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
Longgg timeeeee no see everyoneeee !
Long time no posting and checking my blog alsooooo..
Really , I miss my blog :(
since I was in Singapore, I never ever even checked my blog..
Oh my God .. So sorry :((
I'm too busy about all the school time table..
all the assignment and all stuff , homework , project , and also all activity..
seriously .. if I can , I want some holiday and free time in Singapore..
Taking Fashion Design just very very busy and BIG NO NO FOR FREE TIME..
Everyday I have homework and project to finished..
Drafting , big paper and 3 cool ruler be my best best friends..
Drapping , my lovely bunny mannequin and muslin be my boyfriend..
Sewing , Goshhhhh... Fabric , scissors , sewing machine , overloking machine , just kill me !!
Drawing and sketching , pencil and paper <3 nbsp="" p="">But nevermind , I enjoy my life here ..
Making clothes , designing clothes , all i did it because I love it.. :)

Behind I do all my school schedule , I still have free time to dance..
Ohhhhh, how I miss dance right now..
Not only the dance part , I miss stage , really :(
All the costume , all the crazy time in backstage , the music beat in stage..
I hope I can do that in Singapore ...  Of courseeeee , if I have time.. lol
Looks like I'm very busy ya ?? Real for real , Trust me , I'm not lying , I have no free time..
I tell a secret.. even it's holiday (I mean a short holiday , some public holiday or one or two days no class ? I have class everyday as u know) or weekend, I stay at home.. U know ? I'm doing my homework! Pity world meh ?

At least more less , I already made some clothes , I proud of myself..
I already made about maybe 8 or 9 skirt ? also about 6 blouse , and 4 jacket..
pretty much right ???? and now I'm going to make bustier and evening gown..
This is the most interesting clothes I've made !! I'm so excited !! <3 p="">Actually , I already finished the bustier.. Just the evening gown , It's almost done , alllmostttttttt..
Next next week is the submission , I'm so afraid I can't finished it on time..
But really , I'm working hard for this.. I believe I can finished it..
Just wish me the best for the evening gown guysssss..

Actually I have holiday every 3 months (I mean 1 term) ..
But yaahhhh , It's just 1 week holiday you know..
I come back to Indonesia , my lovely town Malang, and then what I'm doing isssss...
Culinerrrrr, u know what i miss the most from indonesia is the food..
Really , besides I miss my family and my friends tooooo..
I can't do much activity in my holiday , I can't ..
I hope I have more holiday , but it's nihil.. My school , called it , never give a long holiday..
But yaaa , but it's okay .. But yaaa , I'm so sorry , I can't post anything on my blog :( , really my bad..
But trust me , I never forget this blog..
Maybe some of u guys already unfollowed me (or ya in blog we can called it subcribed or join or whatever it is) , really I'm so sorry I leave from the blog world for a long time (I think almost 1 year right ? )

For now on , I can't promise u guys for stay update every week or every month ..
but I will update it as often as I can..
I have sooooo many story to tell you guysssss...
Or ya ! Beside I'm not that update on blog ..
I still update on facebook , twitter , instagram , and youtube alsooo..
U guys can follow me or add me ..
I can ensure I update almost everyday..
So if you want to know my activity behind the blogg...
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FYI , I share some my dance cover in youtube..
I plan to share some tutorial for make up and fashion.. I still planning , I still don't start it ..
but I will start it very soon beside I plan to active again in blog..
sooo , checked out and don't forget to subcribe guyss :)

For real , This will be a longggggg longgggggggg post if I tell you all my story in Singapore..
Trust me , I have soooo manyyyyyy story I want to tell youu..
But .. yaaa , it will the so long post..
and I know you guys will get bored for read my post..
because no picture , no design , no everything..
just a simple and flat font and text..
But don't worry ,
psssttttt , I will tell you more because remember I told you I will active on blog again ?
I will tell you everythinggg single thing I did in Singapore ..
All the outfit , School project , Clothes I made , fashion and make up Tutorial , and of course !
My Story lifee !!!! :D
You guys excited rightt ???  (just tell me excited or I will kill you ! *joke* )

Alright guys , finished for today..
Rebecca Story Life will be continued... :)
See you in the next post..
I have so much fun and precious time here..
Hope you guys have also..
Have a beautiful great day and wish you guys all the best ..

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With soo muchhh love ,

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  1. wow i think your school stuffs are very interesting! you must be enjoy it so much right ? :)

  2. I've enjoyed your blog! Keep up the great work.
    xox A. DESIGN

  3. nice photos! you have such a cute blog!

  4. wohooo, you are a fashion design student! my hubby is a lecturer of fashion design in indonesia btw.. :)

    kikko ganenda

  5. cute pix! looking forward to see some more! ^_^

    visit my blog ^_^
    My online store ^_^

  6. Beautiful post, I love it!

  7. singapur... debe ser un sueño!

  8. LOVE UR BLOG! would you like to follow each other?
    following you now

  9. I used to dance too and I had to give up because of uni and having no free time, so I understand you. Anyway, I hope you find a little time to do it and I wish you the best with your school!

  10. It's seems as you've had a serious reason to be away from you blog :) welcome back!

    Giveaway time:

  11. nice photos! i spet a few months in singapore almost two years ago! really liked it there!

  12. hey sweetie!

    such a lovely blog! love this post!

    i was wandering if you would like to keep in touc

    by following each other?

    if so, just let me know and I will follow you right back :)





  13. Randomly found your blog and I’d like to say that you have amazing design, beautiful photos and interesting posts! I’m also impressed by your style! Everything is perfect!

    would you like to follow each other?
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  14. Love this post! <3

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    Isabelle @ Stoer & Sexy

  15. Lovely post! :)

  16. Lovely :)


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