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maybe part of u re puzzled why the tittle of my blog is changing ,
i gonna tell u now , i'm not change my blog tittle, just add some word ,
errrm .... it's just show me , i'm just bored with that tittle lols :P

hahaha ~
sorry about that ,
and hey ,
long time no see !
sorry about the longggggggggggg time no posting ,
i got a busy school schedule now , :'(
so i can't posted often than before ,
feel so sad , sometimes i think about what i choose a wrong school ?
need u know , my school , yeah SMAK.Kolese Santo Yusup as Kosayu Senior High School , is very very very hard school in all most people's view in my city , because there give many task as people in university (university students) , the homework , the test , the score , etc .
 but, my mom told me , u just need enjoy it , don't through them as ur load , u can do it , u can passed it in jhs , so my mind is open , and i think i'll easily for enter a university i want in the future when i habit with all that task , isn't ?

ohhh .. hahaha , thats all my day ,
now , gonna show u my day outfit ,
i really want to get a new camera , it produces very bad picture :'(
oMG ,
show u show u :D

I wore :
*random accesories : #flower hairpin
                                 #doll necklace
                                 #star hair tie (hand)
*plaid shirt
*plaid short
*esprit's jeans bag
*jeans shoes

hey , it's OCTOBER !
happy OCTOBER everybody !
have a better day than september , and have a wonderful OCTOBER ever !
i have a lot of wishes for this month
hope my OCTOBERwish will be come true ,Amen Amen Amen :D
as u too !

for the last ,
have a nice day folks :)
sorry about the late comment's reply ,
kisses :*

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arigatoo . :]

43 komentar:

  1. It is October! Hoooooray! I'm excited. :)

    You look very cute. I like how you mixed plaids. Good luck with school! <3

  2. good luck with your academics! cute plaid shirt btw :)

  3. nice post !
    thanks for visiting

  4. I really like your outfit! I especially love the combination of the shirt with the shorts!

  5. Great outfit!

  6. you are very nice, I like the blouse :) Very sweet outfit ^^ I hope to see you in my blog and if you like it, we can follow each other :D

  7. nice outfit! it's cute on you:)

  8. Awww! You look cute :) You should invest in an SLR! It takes good pictures :)

  9. gorgeous outfit!
    love your checkered shirt!

    thankyou for the comment on my blog :)


  10. You remind me so much of my friend Trizzia. She loves cute little things like the ones you have too. :)


  11. wonderful outfit. I love the doll neckless so much. Did you made it yourself? ^_^ Very creative ^_^

    ow, and I ( ruby geentjens) followed you on facebook :P

    Loves London

  12. love your shoes :D
    thanks for your comment :)
    check my new post :D


  13. Hey Bec!! I'm fine!!
    OMG, I see many differents!
    U changed your blog..!
    It's so cute and stylish!!
    I just love it!

    How are you? Are there any good news?!

    xoxo, Mariza!

  14. Very nice blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

    Lots of love, Lisette

  15. goodluck with your school stuff!
    love that doll neckalce :)


  16. Amazing outfit, you look gorgeous!

    x Chouchou

  17. cute doll!

  18. Cool look! The shirt looks good on you! ;)

    Happy October too, Becca!

    Castor Pollux

  19. you looks very pretty nice top

  20. you looks pretty and cool, very simple but very chic
    kamu sekolah di santo yusuf Malang yaa?
    tante aku dulu skeolah disana juga hehe

    by the way i'm following you, now
    hope we'll be friends
    what do you think of exchange links?

    cheer and hugs,

    Natalie's blog

  21. Great mix of different prints here!

  22. i like your cute necklace... =)

    keep struggling with your school!

    closet test tube

  23. the jeans heels are just too cute to resist! good luck for your school becca!kissbarbiejunk

  24. cute cute becky...

    becky please join my give away again dear...


  25. wow your outfit is cute and you look really cute too.. the photos are just nice but that's much better if the quality is more higher than this. :)
    xo, Lorine

  26. love the tee darl
    i had a full schedule of school too, damn -__-
    but hey ! good luck for both of us


  27. hai gal, u know what, i graduate from KOSAYU in 2007, and yes I know what you mean about the hard work and we all have to study everyday ; when i was in hwaind, every night when I didnt have any homework or anything to learn, i always felt so weird that time!
    but dont give up!and just enjoy your highschool moment!

  28. Really cute outfit!

    I just came by your blog and i'm def. a new follower!

    ^^ Take a look and follow me back if you like!

  29. Hi dearr so I drool over here again and wish how I want to have slender body like urs =) xxbarbiejunk

  30. awsome outfit! very cute blouse, love it!
    great blog! i will follow you, hope you would follow me as well :)

  31. Hi Rebbeca. Nice to meet u.
    I ❤ ur costumes so much.
    Perfectly cute.


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