Lollipop ♥

Even sweeter than candy on a stick
My heart is like a bursting dynamite
Im the neat man T.O.P
My love bling bling like L E D
He is exactly my style
Twinkling Twinkling star
Do you want something different?
Let me show you if that’s okay
Now come on
The colour is rainbow
I know you’re going to fall for me as soon as you feel me
You just can’t control
The thing that has got me
Just the secret light you and I know
~LOLLIPOP- BigBang ft. 2ne1~

do you like lollipop ? candy candy with cute colour ,
aw ~ fantastic . inspiration of my outfit today .
wanna show you the picture ,

*esprit top
*bali's pants
*jeans wedges
*random accesories


OMG , i can't see my face on the picture , maybe i must buy camera , suck with laptop's camera -____-
okay ! that's all , for again , sorry about the bad picture , have a nice day darling ! :D

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